Cookie Critters Arcade Game!

Cookie Critters Arcade Game! 5.3

Cookie Critters is a Cool Arcade Game For Microsoft Windows...The...

Cookie Critters is a Cool Arcade Game For Microsoft Windows. The Game Rules are Simple. Eat The Cookies But Watch Out For The Cookie Critters. Cookie Critters is a Very Advanced Game With an all new idea of similar games in this style.

Some of the features are: 1. Great Graphics, Sounds and Music, 2. Great Game Play, 3. Great Animations, 4. Several Levels, 5. Includes a Level Editor so you can Design and play your own levels and even implement them in the game, 6.

You can also make Your own themes to include with the levels you make (For a Tutorial Email me), 7. HighScore list (Holds the Top 20 HighScores), 8.

Full Screen Mode, 9. No Sound Option, 10. Contains Interface (GUI) Skin and Can Be Changed, 11. and even more to explore. NOTE: THIS GAME WILL ONLY WORK ON WINDOWS 2000 AND LATER (XP / VISTA, WINDOWS 7, Etc.

)May Work on Earlier Systems but has only been Tested on 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. THE WINDOWS INSTALLER ONLY SUPPORTS WINDOWS 2000 AND LATER.

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Cookie Critters Arcade Game!


Cookie Critters Arcade Game! 5.3

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